Innovating your health
Your personalized health system
driven by the world's leading data.
Proven research. Proven system.
Experience an improved you.
Proven research. Proven system.
Experience an improved you.
An innovative system that creates personalized smart solutions while continuously monitoring your health.

After years of research and trials under the most demanding conditions the system has clinically proven to enhance body and mind in an effective and safe way.
2,000,000+ biochemical data points

In 2012 we have created a health system that has since continuously analyzed over 12,000 people, becoming one of the largest proprietary biochemical data bases in the world.
Swiss Cross
Patented Swiss technology

Our algorithm's efficiency combined with the Swiss-made personalized supplements has been documented in 24 clinical studies performed in Switzerland's leading laboratories.
Olympic rings
Faster. Higher. Younger.

Olympic athletes and celebrities have over years entrusted their health and looks to our 100% drug-free and laboratory certified safe solutions.
How it works
А fully-tailored, yet simple system to control your health.
At-home blood test
The personalized blood tests are being taken in the convenience of your home and are analyzed at local state-of-the-art laboratories.
Digital insights and selection
The system interprets the results, compiles a detailed report and automatically selects the needed supplements and future blood tests.
Personalized Swiss Supplements
The patented technology allows to safely create a mixture of up to 120 supplements and send it directly to you from our Swiss pharmacy.
Improvement tracking
The system re-measures your health every 2 months to optimize your supplement mixtures and provides constant updates in your personal account and app.
24 clinical trials performed in Swiss laboratories, including randomized, double-blind; placebo-studies of 952 research participants have shown:
• 6,7% improvement of physical capabilities
• 200% improvement in decision making accuracy
• 71+% reduction in mid-term sickness symptoms
  • 30,000 performed blood tests
  • 12,000 continuous research participants
  • 10,000 personalized monthly mixtures create
Using the human capital through technology - not for technology.
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