James Pisano
Fitness Consultant & Personal Trainer (BXR, London)

"They do bespoke supplements as well as the one I've gone for. IMMUNE - LOVE IT!"

Former creative director of Sweat (BXR), head coach and personal trainer James Pisano has over 10 years of experience, and works with Osteo and Physiotherapists on post-rehab programmes, as well as introduces people to the Wellness and Fitness world.

James believes that we cannot get all necessary micronutrients from food, and says that he has been "hunting for a brand or product – with something to supplement daily" - and he has found it in bioniq. "It's in granules and has a sexy spoon (love the spoon!). The granules were the hook for me. Things digest in different places in your gut, so this way they're separated, and everything gets its own absorption journey, which is vital."

Photo credits: @jpisano_pt
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