Rosemary Ferguson
Nutritionist, British Vogue contributor

"I love the concept of bioniq because I believe that our needs are all individual"

Nutritionist, British Vogue contributor, former model, founder of Filthfoods and The 5-Day Plan, Rosemary Ferguson has many famous clients (one of whom is Victoria Beckham), and helps them to balance their diet and lifestyle. She considers that everything is individual, and this statement is reflected in her philosophy as well.

"I always recommend doing a checkup before taking any supplements. I've seen a lot of clients who spent enormous amounts of money on supplements which they didn't actually need. Currently, I am testing bioniq – a personalised health-support system that helps to create individual supplements (based in London). I love their concept – as I've said, everything about health should be individual."

Photo credits: @rosemaryferguson, Vogue
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