Evgeniy Chichvarkin
Entrepreneur , Founder and owner of Hide Restaurant and Hedonism Wines

"A really convenient service!"

A well-known restaurateur, businessman, hedonist, and father of three, Evgeny Chichvarkin began to monitor his health at close to 30 years old. As he says, "Now I continue leading the wrong lifestyle, but I monitor my health at the same time."

"In this troubled time, one involuntarily thinks about health, a very convenient service: a nurse from @bioniqco comes to you wearing a mask and gloves, blood samples are taken according to more than 30 parameters, the results will be available online in a week (scary, of course, but…). Based on the results, a vitamin and mineral complex is developed specifically for me."

Photo credits: @tot_samy_chichvarkin, Hello Magazine
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