Lauren Armes
CEO and Founder of Well To Do

"It's such an easy service to use - from registering, right through to receiving my personalised formula."

Lauren Armes, CEO and founder of WELL TO DO (a wellness global news outlet ), entrepreneur and business coach is a famous figure in the wellness world. "She has been featured in Forbes, The Times, Evening Standard, Glamour, BBC, Women's Health, Men's Health and was invited by Lord Sugar to judge the winner of The Apprentice on BBC." Lauren joined the bioniq system along with other early clients.

"The future of health and wellness is continuing to point towards a more individual and informed approach. For forward-thinking brands racing to deliver next-gen iterations that stand out from the crowd, personalisation needs to revolve around more granular and actionable insights in order to capture the imagination of consumers. bioniq, a pioneering, research-based health system is striving to do just that."

Photo credits: @laurenarmes
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